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My name is Pedro Porru.

I’m a portuguese photojournalist,
currently based in London. Focusing on
news and sports photography, with an
interest in documenting stories.

I think photography is of great
importance in order to show the world a
greater reality that many people do not
have access to.

I have a big interest in representing the
aesthetic of sports from the action to its
Besides the visual interest in sports, I
believe that because of how impactful
sports are, they should also be used as
a helping tool to develop our society,
through education and developing
communities and relationships. That is
something I would like to help achieve in
the best way I can, through photography
and storytelling.



BA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography – London College of Communication – University of the Arts London (2020-2023) 

António Arroio Art School – 12th grade in Communications Design (2017 – 2020)